Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Julie Roberts - Men & Mascara

Julie Roberts performing Saturday night at the Festival

Purchase tickets on Eventbrite for Julie Roberts performance, $10.50

Click here - Julie Roberts at The Greek Festival Plus

Julie Roberts Performing

Julie Roberts, a Nashville artist performing Saturday night of the Festival, September the 15th

Songs: "Break Down Here", "Men & Mascra" & more

Purchase tickets on Eventbrite for Julie Roberts performance, $10.50

Click here - Julie Roberts at The Greek Festival Plus

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Machine Funk - Friday night of the Festival

Machine Funk, a tribute band to Widespread Panic and jam band) performing Friday of the Festival, September the 14th  ... $3 cover fee for Machine Funk performance

A Message from The Anderson Greek Festival Plus Director, 2018

Greetings (Yassou) from The Greek Festival Plus Director … The 2018 Anderson Greek Festival Plus to take place September 14, 15 and 16 at the Civic Center of Anderson. One of several opportunities for the community to come together for food, music, fun and fellowship. We were honored to be voted “Best Annual Community Event" 2015 and 2017. Through the years, we have added activities to the Festival to keep the event fresh for our guests. This year, we added "Plus" to our name and logo to promote our other non-Greek entertainment. Offering new activities while keeping our Greek culinary base and mission.

Hospitality is an important thing in the Mediterranean (Greek) culture and in the South; therefore, we are delighted to present the 13th Annual Anderson Greek Festival Plus with the help of our sponsors and volunteers from the Greek communities of Seneca and Greenville.

Proceeds from the Festival will be benefitting  causes in the Holy Land and charities in the Anderson area. And also to support The Shepherd's Guild outreach fund.
The organizer of the Festival is The Shepherd’s Guild, a 501c3 nonprofit service organization of Eastern Orthodox.
Come join us in September!
Bill Stathakis